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Trendy Summer Outfits will be popular in 2021?

by Abdul Rafay on 0 Comments

Whether you want to start selling custom t-shirts or expand your existing print-on-demand company, staying on top of current t-shirt design trends is critical.

But there are many factors to consider:

What t-shirt designs will be popular in 2021? Which t-shirt colors should you go with? How can you make popular t-shirt designs?

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the trendiest t-shirt designs for 2021, along with brief samples of how you may utilize them. So, please keep reading and exploring our 21 new t-shirt design trends to discover the style for your next t-shirt.

Pocket Tee Shirt

Typography in three dimensions

This is not a new tendency, but it has coincided with modern technology and new graphic programmed capabilities.

How to Design a T-Shirt with 3D Typography?

Although 3D typography may add depth to any t-shirt design, you may believe that creating 3D components for a t-shirt is particularly tough. Wrong! There are many excellent online design tools available to assist you in creating essential 3D components, such as this one from Scorpius. Shop. Adobe Illustrator is another tool for creating 3D text. In addition, Adobe provides a short video lesson to assist you in creating 3D text. So go ahead and put it to use!

Typography shambles

Every graphic design trend reflects the times we live in some manner. Should I even explain why crazy t-shirt designs have recently become so popular? What could be more fitting for 2021 than breaking all of the basic typographic conventions and producing actual anarchy on your t-shirt?

How to Make Typography Chaos on a T-Shirt?

There are no hard and fast rules to follow here experiment with text and letter alignment, as well as word order to create your distinct appearance. Here’s a short lesson from Adobe on how to generate elemental typographic chaos for t-shirt designs to get you started.

Cartoons designed T-Shirts

This t-shirt design trend comes as no surprise. In 2021, unique drawings have shown to be an excellent method to distinguish any design from the typical blur of heavy graphic components, a clean appearance, and minimalistic sleekness.

How to Make a Cartoon Illustration T-Shirt?

Cartoon characters and drawings aren’t always easy to create. However, Scorpius. Shop offers the most acceptable cartoon t-shirts produced by their designer community. You may use it as a starting point or engage a freelance artist to create a one-of-a-kind t-shirt artwork.

Geometrical forms T-Shirts

Geometrical forms in modern designs will undoubtedly be a trend to watch in 2021. There’s something very memorable about making complicated patterns out of primary flatworms.

Geometrical tee Shirts

How to Design a T-Shirt with a Geometrical Shape?

The goal here is to attempt to make an abstract and powerful picture out of simple shapes. Start creating your next t-shirt print with this free 6-minute Canvas lesson on making contemporary designs using geometrical shapes. All of the above designs are also available in our store.


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